We created SingingLessonsOnline.com to help singers around around the world. We want to lift up singers, and provide postive and encouraging community to help them grow. We don’t just want to teach you vocal techniques, we want to help you become the singer you’ve always wanted to be.
SingingLessonsOnline.com started amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a trying time for most. Our mission is to inspire faith, productivity and compassion in a world surrounded by uncertainty.
Site creator Ken Taylor shares, “Our lives have changed dramatically of the past few weeks. While we may be more limited than before, we’ve also received a great gift. The gift of time. At this point, we all have a choice. We can live a reactive life of fear and frustration. Or, we can be proactive and use that time to focus on and grow a skill that makes us happy. We want to help more people do the latter.”
Soon, we’ll be hosting a weekly free online voice lesson on our site. During this lesson, you’ll have an outlet to say hi and interact with other singers. After that, there will be a lesson on style or vocal technique. A few live vocal feedback sessions may come next, before we warp things up with a live Q&A.
We encourage singers of all ages and talent levels to join. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about singing and get some answers. And best of all, it helps keep us focused on positive things during this time off.
Want reminders for your lesson? You can get them via facebook messenger, email, or text. Simply click the appropriate link below.
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